Recovery from Mohs Surgery

Recovery from Mohs Surgery

It is important to understand that while the procedure is office based, it is still surgery. Patients should prepare accordingly.

Most patients prefer not to work the afternoon of surgery. We are never able to guarantee when the procedure will be completed. Patients often report mild fatigue the afternoon of surgery. It is wise to plan on limiting your activity the day of surgery.

Working/activities the next day(s) after surgery is at the discretion of individual patients. If you plan to be in the public eye, please be aware that you will have dressings in place for at least a week after surgery. Swelling and bruising of the surgery site is common (see below).

Please refrain from heavy exercise and lifting anything greater than 10lbs for one week after surgery. Lighter activities may be permissible, but please check with the doctor or provider before resuming.

Swelling and bruising are common after surgery. Bruising may be severe if you have remained on your blood thinner. This is temporary and will gradually improve with ice packs within several days after surgery. If you notice worsening swelling or bruising the days after surgery, please notify the office or doctor on call.


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