Optimizing Your Result

Optimizing Your Result and Follow Up:

After certain procedures, we use absorbable sutures (stitches). This means that you may not need to return to the office for suture removal, which is an added convenience for most of our patients. For those patients who have had absorbable sutures placed, we make every effort to explain what to expect in the weeks and months following surgery. If you do not have a suture removal appointment and you have questions about how your surgery site is healing, please call the office and Dr. Zivony or Myracle will be happy to see you in person.

Depending on the type of repair, we may advise scar massage. We will discuss this the day of surgery or on the follow up. We recommend avoiding most “scar creams,” although there may be instances where we do recommend them. Please call the office if you have questions about this.

Will there be a scar?

Dr. Zivony and Myracle are trained in the repair of Mohs defects. They have 17 years combined experience, and typically get excellent results. Please be aware that everyone’s perception of scarring is different. With the understanding that Mohs surgery is a medically necessary procedure for a cancer removal, the majority of our patients are pleased with the result. Dr. Zivony and Myracle have the utmost concern for minimizing post surgical scarring and are always happy to discuss the procedure in advance of, or after surgery if there are questions or concerns. If you would prefer a plastic surgeon of your choice to carry out the repair, please let us know well in advance of the Mohs procedure. Please be advised that any repair carried out by another surgical specialist will occur on a different day than Mohs procedure and in a separate facility or hospital.


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