Biopsies, Curettage and Electrodesiccation Wound Care

Biopsies, Curettage, and Electrodesiccation Wound Care

  1. Swab wound site with diluted peroxide (1/2 strength-use tap water) twice a day starting on the day following treatment.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the wound.
  3. Cover with a clean bandage (optional-especially on face).  Do this for 5-7 days, then once daily until peroxide does not bubble on contact.
  4. The area around the biopsy site may become red and the center may turn white or yellow—this is normal. If the redness spreads and there is increased tenderness to area, fever or any drainage from the site, please call our office.
  5. Showering is permitted 24 hours after the biopsy is obtained. The bandage can be removed and the wound can be left open while showering.  After a shower, clean biopsy site with diluted peroxide, apply Vaseline and a clean band-aid. It is recommended that you stay out of swimming pools, lakes, and the ocean for 7 days after the biopsy is done.
  6. Biopsy results will take 10-14 business days.  Our office will contact you in regards to the results either by postcard if no follow up is needed or a telephone call if follow up is needed.

* If you are having a biopsy, please note that you may receive a separate bill from the pathologist.