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Coolsculpting is a revolutionary, non-invasive, non-surgical, in-office procedure for the reduction of localized, exercise-resistant fat. To put it another way, we can safely freeze your love handles off in a couple of hours! Call us today for a free Coolsculpting consultation at (828) 274-4880. We will do a thorough evaluation, give you all the specifics, and discuss whether Coolsculpting will work for you.


Results speak for themselves. View our before and after photos, below, to get an idea of what Coolsculpting has done for others. Coolsculpting is not a weight-loss tool and is not a treatment for obesity. Coolsculpting is for shaping or contouring your body. Most women are looking for that “hourglass” figure and men a “V” shoulder to hip ratio. However, the Coolsculpting procedure is quite versatile and is best used to aesthetically reduce or shape your problem areas wherever they may be.


Benefits of Coolsculpting include a permanent reduction of localized areas of exercise-resistant fat by 20 to 50% depending on the number of treatments. Treating the abdominal area and flanks, twice, typically results in a 2 to 4 dress or pant size reduction in a couple of months. A slow, natural reduction in size allows time for elastic skin to naturally retract. A smaller size is important to some but we always aim to improve your shape or figure. As long as you maintain your weight this reduction in size and improved shape will remain stable.

A good Coolsculpting candidate will be within 10 to 15 pounds of their ideal body weight and have localized areas of exercise-resistant fat. Nobody is perfect though, so don’t let these numbers discourage you from coming in for a free consultation. Coolsculpt clients of all shapes and sizes have achieved great results.


Risks of Coolsculpting are minimal and transient. Occasionally, there is superficial bruising, which resolves in 1 to 2 weeks. Very rarely, there is a prolonged alteration in skin sensation and mild pain, which resolves in 1 – 3 months. That’s it! Coolsculpting is so safe that its few risks should be considered its greatest benefit when compared to the alternative procedures out there.


Alternatives to Coolsculpting…there are none like it! It is a one of a kind procedure that employs selective cooling of fat cells under the skin, condemning them to natural death and removal by the body. There are of course other ways to remove fat. The “gold standard” is liposuction. Liposuction is typically performed in the operating room under anesthesia with its associated risks, high costs, and prolonged downtime. Make no mistake, liposuction is a surgical procedure with real risks of scarring, bruising, abdominal perforation, infection, bleeding, and significant pain. Large amounts of fat can be removed with liposuction but contouring or shaping is difficult and skin sagging can be a problem. Liposuction requires expert hands so know your surgeon.

Other “non-invasive ” alternatives to Coolsculpting use ultrasound, radio, or laser technology to heat fat and adjacent tissue often causing pain and immediate tissue necrosis or death. These technologies destroy variable amounts of fat resulting in wound healing and ultimately a scarring response. Most patients who have had these other procedures hardly describe them as “non-invasive” and often don’t return for round two.

Coolsculpting is revolutionary in its simplicity. At its core, the Coolsculpting device is a vacuum cup with cooling plates…and some fancy software for safety. If you want to get rid of exercise-resistant fat, safely, naturally, with minimal downtime then come see us.


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