Mohs Surgery / Skin Cancer Treatment

Mohs surgery is a very specialized technique for removing skin cancers, which requires advanced training.  The entire procedure takes place in the office under local anesthetic.  The surgery begins with the removal of visible skin cancer.  This tissue is processed and checked for residual microscopic cancer while the patient waits.  If there is cancer remaining, the process is repeated until it is all removed.  Mohs surgeons are trained in advanced reconstruction, which can often be done the same day.  The advantage of Mohs surgery is in its precision:  It removes diseased tissue, sparing as much normal tissue as possible.  This technique offers a high rate of cure and normally creates the smallest possible repair scar.


The procedure is completed in the office.  The process can take anywhere from a several hours to the better part of a day, depending on the extent of the cancer and the nature of the repair.  Patients who will be coming to Advanced Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PA for Mohs micrographic surgery should bring food with them for lunch and snacks and plan on spending the entire day here.

For more information on Mohs Micrographic Surgery, please visit the Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology website.

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