I Need Mohs Surgery

I Need Surgery?

My biopsy report showed a skin cancer, now what?

It is important to realize that often times, there are treatment options for a given skin cancer. Our staff is trained to discuss treatment options over the phone. If for any reason, you would like to go over these options with one of the providers, we will be happy to see you in person.

Mohs surgery is a highly effective option and is reserved for certain situations. It is typically performed for a variety of cancers on the head and neck. It is also used in special circumstances for cancers elsewhere on the body. It is important to realize that Mohs surgery is not necessary for every cancer or appropriate for every situation.

Mohs surgery offers the highest possible cure rate. It’s advantage over other treatments lies in it’s precision. That is each cancer is sampled, processed and mapped in a thorough fashion. This yields the highest possible cure rate.


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