Will there be a scar?

Dr. Zivony and Myracle are fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons. This means that they have had advanced training and experience and reconstruction and plastic surgery techniques. Dr. Zivony and Dr. Myracle have the utmost concern for minimizing post surgical scarring, and are happy to discuss the procedure in advance of, or after the surgery, if you have questions or concerns. It is important to remember that surgery sites take time to heal. At the time of surgery, or in post surgical follow-up, we often advise patients on massage techniques and possibly the use of silicone gel to minimize post-surgical scarring. Please do not begin the massage technique unless you are instructed by Dr. Zivony, Dr. Myracle, or our surgery staff.

If you choose to have the repair carried out elsewhere, this will occur on a different day than the Mohs procedure, and in a separate facility. You will need to consult with and make appropriate insurance arrangements with that surgical specialist.