What is Sculptra, and how does it work?

Sculptra is a unique injectable used to address one of the root causes of aging – collagen loss. Sculptra is composed of poly-L-lactic acid particles (PLLA) and works gradually over time to help your skin create a collagen framework to improve the signs of facial aging. Sculptra works on shallow to deep folds and wrinkles to add fullness and smooth fine lines.


What should I expect immediately after treatment, and how should I care for the treated area?

Sculptra injections are very tolerable for most. A topical anesthetic and ice are applied to minimize initial discomfort. Sculptra also contains a local anesthetic (lidocaine), so you will continue to numb as your treatment proceeds. Your face may feel numb for 1-2 hours after the treatment.

Immediately after your treatment, you will feel full in the areas treated which is a direct effect from the water injected into those areas. Fullness will completely disappear over several hours once the treatment is completed, and the areas treated will then look the same as they did prior to having the treatment. Collagen stimulation will naturally start to occur approximately 8-12 weeks after the treatment and will reach a peak within the first 6 months. During the months following treatment, you will notice a gradual softening of wrinkles and folds as new collagen is formed.

A complete discussion of what to expect after Sculptra is injected as well as care of the area will occur prior to treatment.


Does the correction last forever, and if not, how often will I require treatment?

We recommend 2-3 injection treatments, 4-8 weeks apart. The results are gradual and subtle. The product continues working to improve folds and wrinkles for approximately 3 months after treatment. Sculptra gives natural looking results that can last 1-2 years.