Skin Cancer Frequently Asked Questions

Preventing Skin Cancer

Knowing what to do to prevent and understand skin cancers and the risk of development can be a daunting task.

  • Is it something that you really need to worry about?
  • Are you at risk?
  • How do you keep your family safe?
  • What do you need to look for on your skin?

You are not alone in your fears, worries, and questions!

According to the American Cancer Society, the number of skin cancers is increasing within the country. In fact, there are more diagnosed skin cancers in the US than all other cancers combined.

Luckily, when caught early, skin cancers are very treatable. There are also many ways to stay informed about prevention and early detection. You can take control of your health, understand what to look for, and learn how to keep your family safe. You can also visit our office for a full-body skin examination or to check a suspicious lesion.

Peace of mind is our goal for you and becoming informed is the best way to prevent and identify skin cancers early!

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